DND Química’s highlight is its care with the “quality” factor.

DND Química’s high administration has established and maintained an appropriate quality policy to the organization’s purposes, promoting continuous improvements of its Integrated Management System, thus defined:

Integrated Management System Policies

DND Química, a renowned company in development and production of chemical specialties, follows the outlined policies:

1. Meet demands established by the client for their constant satisfaction;
2. Meet legal standards and guidelines related to the quality and safety of food;
3. Continuously improve management and organizational processes;
4. Optimize Research and Development processes continuously, so it may distinguish itself from the competitors in the market;
5. Manage in efficient ways the available resources;
6. Strengthen partnerships with suppliers;
7. Train and value the company’s human resources.

Scope of DND Química’s Integrated System

The Quality Management System is based in the ABNT NBR ISO 9001:2015 standards with the following scope:

“Design and development, manufacture, industrialization and commercialization of chemical specialties, for use in the sugar and alcohol industry, paper and cellulose, paint and varnishes, food, agropastoralism, tannery and water treatment.”

The Food Security Management System is based in ABNT NBR ISO 22000:2006 standard with the following scope:

“Manufacture of Broth Clarificant and food grade Syrup Decolorant”