DND Química is a company that promotes Sustainability.

Thinking about the environment and the coming generations, we created the “Recycle” and “Think Green” projects.

These projects came from the necessity to promote our employees’ Environmental and Sustainability awareness.


Currently, we live in an environment where nature is under a deep assault. Tons of raw materials, originating from the planet’s most different places, are industrialized and consumed, generating residues and waste, commonly referred to as trash. We need to value the knowledge that 80% of generated residues are liable to be reused or recycled, 18% of them may become organic fertilizers, and only 2% must be directed to landfills.

Thinking about our employees’ awareness, we developed the “Recycle” Project, where employees learned the importance in Reusing, Reducing and Recycling the Trash generated by the company, in turn transmitting this knowledge to the community.


Aiming to promote the improvement of products and processes’ Environmental Quality facing the mobilization of market forces for the awareness of consumers and producers, DND Química has developed a packaging that consumes 53% less of plastic material. This packaging possesses a “Think Green” seal, aiming to incentivize its customers to preserve the Environment, helping to decrease the amount of plastic placed in nature.