Alpha Amylase Enzyme Line

How to control excess starch in the manufacture of sugar?

The advance of mechanization of the harvest of raw cane has significantly increased the levels of vegetable impurities in the cane stalks. Such impurities are composed of green leaves and tips that are rich in starch, which has a direct impact on the quality of sugar and ethanol production.

The presence of polysaccharides in the sugarcane broth is responsible for the reduction in sugar recovery in the factory, promoting an increase in the viscosity of the honeys and a drop in yield, also affecting alcoholic fermentation.
The enzyme line of DND Química acts precisely to reduce the starch in the final sugar, also reducing the cooking time in vacuum pots, preventing the elongation of crystals and improving centrifugation.

Other advantages of using the alpha-amylase enzyme in the sugar manufacturing process:

  • Eliminates gum interference in crystallization;
  • Reduces the concentration of sucrose in honey;
  • Increases sucrose absorption in crystals;

Improvement in the color and quality of sugar.

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